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Baroness Warsi talks Nonsense

February 14, 2012

I know plenty of good people who are moved by their religious faith to do astonishing good work. The Street Angels project in Halifax and several other towns and cities in England is a case in point. The staff and volunteers of this project get on with it, they prove their worth by doing what they do and they don’t attack others.

Oh that our leaders, especially those that are religious, were like this.

On the same day that Baroness Warsi says “Britain is being overtaken by militant secularists” The Guardian reports on the  Abu Qatada affair, Abu Qatada being a fairly Militant religious leader; and the Yorkshire Post reports that “the Roman Catholic church is to launch an inquiry into how it dealt with allegations surrounding a priest who was ordained despite being previously sacked for sexually abusing boys at a Yorkshire children’s home”.

Faith, says the Baroness has a “key role” in bridging divides. I take it that the faiths she is talking about aren’t the ones trying to deny homosexual people the same rights as straight people in terms of marriage? These can’t be the same faiths the adherents of which are calling for the death penalty for “apostasy”? Or the same ones that get their knickers in a twist over women or gay priests? and certainly not the same faiths as those who routinely denied, covered up or just ignored years of systemic abuse of children.

I get so annoyed by these divisive comments by religious people. Baroness Warsi outrageously accuses others of the things that religious leaders propagate, i.e. marginalisation, abuse, violence, dismissive attitudes, judgementalism and intimidation.

Why does religious belief somehow warrant protection from criticism or challenge? why do people who practise no religeon and in this country we are the majority, have to put up with having the various conflicting, unyielding, unscientific, divisive beliefs of religious people rammed down our throats as if they were special because they are called religious?  

When catholic church gets its own house in order about child abuse, when the church of England can stop its childish denials of equal rights to women and gay people, when the Muslim faith can stand up against the apologists for terrorism in its adherents, then religious leaders can tell the rest of us something about goodness, righteousness, community, and the importance of faith.


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