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He’s a Werrity naughty boy…

October 16, 2011

Another scrappy win for the Arsenal today, this time making Sunderland look good. Honestly Arsenal are becoming a Social Enterprise  with the objective of giving those who’ve lost their confidence, like Blackburn, Sunderland, Birmingham etc, that winning feeling again; its good that an outfit like Arsenal are doing their bit for the nations rubbish  footballers mental health.

Arsenal lack leadership we are told, (normally by someone like Glen Hoddle, which is a bit like being told you lack a backbone by a mollusc). Robin Van Persie is Arsenals captain and leader on the pitch. He’s of the “lead by example” school. I don’t think he does much verbal encouragement, although “come on Theo, get a grip you Dombo*”, would have been useful today.

Other than that Robins other method of communciation is a range of facial expressions to convey:

a) disgust with the ref, (although it could also be constipation);







b) existential crisis (again it could be constipation)






c) His relief that the constipation is over, (the psychological release of scoring having had a physical effect, as I am sure Freud would have predicted)








Arsene Wenger does not like his charity. His team have all the possession, and then they let the other frankly useless team in by being wide open at the back.

In this sense Wenger has much in Common with David Cameron. Theres David  and his team busy taking the country to bits, taking the game to a frankly rubbish opposition, and his  Defense Minster leaves him wide open at the back.

David C is of course “A strong leader, (who) actually recognises you have to take time to get all the information, answer all the questions, and then actually make a decision,” although in this case i think the truth is probably that David made some facial expressions, fidgetted a bit and then someone else  told Liam Fox he had better f*uck off quick.

The situation is similar to the trouble poor David had with Andy Coulson. The evidence piled up against Coulson in relation to phone hacking and other naughtiness, but David couldn’t make the decision to make him leave, then Coulson left of his own accord just as the rozzers were closing in.

So do the Tories lack Leadership just like the Arsenal? do they keep the ball but then let themselves down at the back, just like Liam?

Poor Liam Fox, he hangs around with these Pisvlek** American neo-cons like Grace-Marie Turner (see her her Galen Institutes thrilling proposals for health care privatisation: , Michael Goves her mate too…); and his former chums the Atlantic Bridge ( see here the “Back towards the locus” blog about these lovely people).

I bet the Americans take the p*ss out of Liam and the others, calling them wussies for not just going the whole hog and prvatising the NHS, the education sytem and giving the Army to Haliburton.  Mind they’re going for it in the case of the first two.

So is it here where it all unravels for the tories?  just like Arsenal they’re riding high and then some Eikel***goes  and fox it up…

*Dombo: Dutch for “stupid head”

**Dutch for something rude

***Eikel: Dutch for something also rude


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